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Web7 ARTS: The Digital Marketing specialist for the entertainment industry

Web7 ARTS offers a full suite of digital marketing services for the Entertainment and Lifestyle industry including social media marketing, public relations, mobile marketing, website development, graphic design, video development, and search engine optimization.



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Video Development and Marketing

Video Development and Marketing

Whether you are looking to develop a promotional video, movie trailer, behind-the-scenes feature, commercial, or any other kind of visual content, our team will help you craft an engaging and entertaining video that incorporates the latest visual, audio, sound effects, and copy writing, as well as vocal and acting talent into a professional production along with a powerful Viral Video Marketing Department.

Online video has become an efficient power tool for business, and as with any tool, serious injury can result if not handled carefully.

Internet video has shifted from a popular demand to a consumer expectation. Many people turn to web video for news, entertainment and education. Businesses of all sizes use web video for advertising, employee communication and staff training. Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google + and similar social media sites have catapulted online video sharing to a new height.

Today, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook, over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute and 100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every week... These are the time of Youtube Video Marketing !

Ease of production, low cost and public demand for online video has led many businesses to this efficient, effective communication and Viral Marketing solution. Here is where the serious injury warning applies.


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Video marketing is certainly a effective way to market your business.. Knowledge is key if you wish to have a campaign though. Should you study the recommendation that follows... Handle movie carefully, otherwise your company’s image might be badly broken. Here are 11 tips for anyone in the director’s chair:

1. Define your concept. You’ll have an overall idea and goal. Consider how to apply it. For example, if your video aims at introducing your business, decide whether to focus on the entire operation, or a few key services and products. For corporate messages, consider whether a one-on-one video interview with an executive might be more compelling than simply videotaping a speech or statement. Start your videos with a private greeting to the potential consumer. Tell them what you're about yourself along with your business prior to sharing any content.

2. Focus on content. Everyone enjoys an effective story! Determine what visual elements will help communicate your message. Graphics similar to PowerPoint slides are helpful. Besides an on camera speaker, close-up images of items being discussed can offer clarity. Photos can be integrated with video. To present a meeting or event through online video, consider how you’ll capture the key elements using one or more cameras.

3. Think in segments. If you have multiple products, services or points to highlight, single short videos about each one may be easier for viewers to appreciate compared to one long video.

4. Keep it short. Effective online videos should be brief, often under two minutes. Some websites including YouTube limit videos to 10 minutes. Almost everyone has notoriously short attention spans of attention they really want the data they seek instantly or quickly. When the video has to be longer, consider making a couple of video.

5. Insert Call-to action. Whatever your video message is about, include a call for action. As an illustration, if you'd just like your audience to sign up for a newsletter, request which they click your link inside the video's description.

6. Aim for professionalism. Regardless of the message or audience, there’s nothing more important than professional appearance. Be sure the camera is placed on a tripod for steadiness. A tripod is a valuable took for professional videos. Shaky camera effects are only for horror films and so forth.To your marketing videos, you'll require a steady camera with good angle work. Once online, check to see your video displays correctly.

7. Consider an expert in video marketing. While not every online video calls for a production company, hiring an expert will provide a professional look and can save money. Locate a video production company specializing in website video production. Ask whether they help guide your project or simply shoot the video. Explain your project and discuss their capabilities. Ask if they provide graphics and web uploading. Watch their online examples and consider the other clients they’ve served. Prices depend on your project and may be quoted as “full day,” or “half day,” rates or as a flat, all-inclusive fee. Hiring a qualified video production company is often more affordable than purchasing your own camera, editing software and investing an employee’s time to handle production.

8. Make it multiplateform. Online video can be used elsewhere. Besides using it on your websites , Youtube ( Youtube Video Marketing) , Vimeo, dailymotion and social other media sites, encourage employees to do the same on their pages if appropriate. Make copies available on DVD or jump drives and ask employees or sales associates to play your latest video at staff meetings or in client presentations if relevant. Promote your video investment as an added service element to customers or employees. Remember to also focus on new trendy social video sharing website like Vine and Instagram !

9. Optimize. When placed correctly online, video can boost your online presence through search engine results. Be sure you have optimized your videos for the various search engines. You have to ensure that you include their targeted keywords. You should place in case a prospective customer has to contact info in order that people could possibly get ahold of you.There’s a creative art to Search Engine Optimization and proper placement for online video, which is best guided by a video production company or a creative expert familiar with website video. Web7arts can also take care of your Viral Video Marketing campaign and skyrocket your video to the top of Video Search Engine !

10. Reinforce, don’t replace. Video should not replace your existing website content. Use it to reinforce key elements, highlight unique features, showcase your people, offerings and accomplishments. Online video can strengthen site design by cutting down large blocks of text, adding interactive service elements and providing a more meaningful visitor experience.This is a great approach to both demonstrate to them that your company is growing to clients. Don't forget to add a page link so they can visit if they would like to!

11. Keep in mind that developing your video is just an element of the job. You will be also advertise your own video to get exposure. When you market well, you will realize a substantial boost in your quantity of clickthroughs. It is possible to produce great content, but people need to know where to find it.

Online video marketing offers an abundance of opportunities to improve your business. Video marketing can be limiting unless you possess the knowledge required to launching a successful campaign.. At Web7 Arts we are expert in Video marketing ( check our example of Viral Video Campaign), so don't hesitate to contact us for more tips or a quote for a full video marketing campaign that will boost your video to the top.