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Web7 ARTS: The Digital Marketing specialist

Web7 ARTS: The Digital Marketing specialist for the entertainment industry

Web7 ARTS offers a full suite of digital marketing services for the Entertainment and Lifestyle industry including social media marketing, public relations, mobile marketing, website development, graphic design, video development, and search engine optimization.



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Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing & Management

We can help you in creating a custom proper Social Setworking Sdvertising Campaign that harnesses solutions on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs along with other social community sites to attain your marketing and business goals.

Whether you are searching to construct your brand, launch a new product or service, further build stronger relationships with your online customers , broaden your market achievement, or manage your online reputation , Web7 ARTS can offer the expertise and execution you have to effectively realize your primary goal.

Our solutions include consulting, training, technical set-up, content creation community and social network profile management.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Web7 ARTS offers a full range of social media marketing consulting programs that can be customized to our client’s needs.

Our team of experts helps you measurably improve your online efficiency and results. From creating and implementing a robust launch plan, to social media optimization strategies for your current campaigns; our consulting will help you take your social marketing to the next level.

Social Media Marketing & Management campaign

Social Media Marketing Training

Putting the Social Media Buzz about your business to work is challenging.

The Web7 ARTS expert marketers, business owners and corporations are seeking exactly how to integrate, manage and interact on social networks. They want to know the best social marketing tools, how to set them up and what to do with them when they start putting that social strategy into practice. More importantly, they want to learn how to connect and measure things like “soft metrics,” share ability and influence and to understand how it all affects the bottom line.

This isn’t your mother’s marketing. You’ve heard the buzz on the news, seen signs in stores and links on commercials; now you need the right training from the experts on how to market and optimize your brand on the social web. Web7 ARTS offers a full array of Social Media Optimization and Online Marketing Training solutions for you.

Social Media Marketing Technical Set-up & Design

Presentation is half the fight in social networking marketing. You need to “wow” your audience with a great first impression.

Social Networking Platforms are much much like your vehicle. You are taking your vehicle towards the auto technician to make certain the automobile is running brilliantly. Likewise, you've your vehicle detailed and presentable. Or, you possess an auto repair shop repair the vehicle exterior therefore it doesn’t look dinged up, broken or old.

We are your social media mechanics, detailers and auto body repair. We’ll set-up all of the technical facets of your social networking platforms, and provide them that stand out detailed graphics and visual presentation. We will even make certain that when you are getting within the driver’s seat, both you and your passengers will feel at ease and impressed. Hold on, you'll need features to really make it purr just like a champion and fasten for your destination. Opt-in forms, Twitter and YouTube tabs, take your pick. We’ll have your people taking pleasure in the ride and speaking in regards to you!


Social Profile Creative & Content Direction

Take a look at the most-adopted brands on social networks  some are large brands plus some are businesses. Exactly what do every one has in keeping? Creative direction! You'll want an innovative direction together with your content around the social web. You need to engage, entertain and tell your audience to obtain attention and interaction together with your brand.

At Web7 ARTS, creative direction and content creation is a specialty. Let us help you develop, design and create the content you and your customers will love.

Social Profile Management & Maintenance

Social media marketing can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. Ultimately, it's pr, customer care, advertising, advertising and marketing all folded into one.

Wow! That is a lot of work and  require the best experts. At Web7 ARTS, we make social network marketing easy by managing your social profiles and your internet presence. Get the most value from social network marketing today by allowing us to perform the effort for you personally.

Our monthly management packages are designed for clients who have completed an audit and technical set-up with Web7 ARTS or another company.

Don’t waste any more time flying by the seat of your social media pants.

Interactive Twitter Wall

Perfect for events and conferences, the Web7 ARTS Twitter wall is a giant real-time visualization of the latest twitter messages (tweets) around a specific hashtag or Twitter handle projected onto a wall or screen. This program is integrated with the Twitter API and designed to filter through all tweets posted to the website to display only the tweets that meet a criteria that we specify. Each Twitter wall that we produce is customized to display tweets in real-time that include either a designated Twitter account handle or a custom hash tag that our client can direct attendees to use during the event.

Invite Web7 ARTS to Cover Your Next Event

As social media thought-leaders in the entertainment, fashion, and arts community, we pride ourselves in our mission to bring exposure of the top events in our region to our online community through our social media profiles. If you would like Web7 ARTS to consider covering your next event, submit the form below or contact us to get started.