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How to Market a Movie: essential tips

How to Market a Movie

So you have completed the finishing touches on your film, and you are pretty happy with how it came out, but one question remains, how do you market your Video, Movie? Well this article will give you the basic guidelines on how to market a film. There are many ways to approach marketing your film, depending on the scale of your production you may want to make a pitch at a network, corporation or a producer. It is important when making a pitch you know who your audience is and make a pitch in the correct context. For example, you would not make a pitch about a comedy film to a company that is known for its dramatic films.

Another great strategy on how to market a film is to take advantage of free and local media outlets. For example, try submitting your film to a local news site, newspaper or other media outlet coupled with photos, trailers, and information about the film. This is a great method because you can reach a specific target audience that is interested in your content; also local outlets are not as competitive and more likely to publish about localized productions and filmmakers.

Basic Tips on How to Market a Movie

An important tip on how to market a film is knowing your production’s identity and audience. You should not try to appeal to many audiences, but rather pick a target audience and market yourself appropriately. Consider your genre (comedy, romance, horror etc.) Look at the main concepts of your film and imagine yourself as a consumer and think about what it is about the film that is drawing you in. Knowing these things is vital to know how to market a film.

A great tip on how to market a film is using media on the internet, but not in the obvious social network way which you should be utilizing anyway. Using respective blogs on the internet that pertain to your genre and business is a great way to get your productions name out there. You can look at popular articles on blog sites and see what authors and journalists would be interested in your film. From here you can send them an email about your production along with a trailer and some basic information. Maybe they’ll find it interesting and write about it. Lastly one quick tip that can be useful is talk to other people in the industry that can also provide advice on how to market a film, and see what works for you.

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If you are interested in hiring a company that can teach you how to market a film like Web7 ARTS, we would be happy to provide you with a free phone consultation to discuss your business goals and explain our services in more detail. Web7 ARTS has executed marketing for independent films and large film studios. Take a look to some of our Digital Marketing Campaigns for well known movies

Film promotion is an art that is vital to any production, small or large, big time productions or small time indie filmmakers. Film promotion is an art that is nearly as vital as the actual making and filming of a production. When done right film promotion allows you to reach audiences you would never have thought was possible. Thus, you build your fan base and have a higher potential for success. Film promotion is even more important when it comes to small independent film makers who may not acquire any press at all without some effective promoting and marketing. While the idea of film promotion may seem costly; the art of film promotion is ultimately necessary to be competitive in our modern time where everyone has access to the tools of success.

Different Techniques of Film Promotion

Film promotion in our modern time now more than ever has many techniques that can be used to promote your film. One technique of film promotion that is popular is trailers which are often a short and condensed version of the film and what you can expect if you decide to go see the full film. Trailers are effective because of its succinctness and easy to follow video format. Other techniques consist of, TV advertisements, billboards, print and media advertisements etc. Once again these techniques may turn some people away because they often require large budgets which not everyone has access to, especially independent and small time productions.

The good news is that you don’t always need deep pockets to promote your film and get it some visibility. With the advent of social media there is now tons of free and simple ways to promote your film and other productions. There are the obvious social mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google + which are effective when used correctly. It is important when you promote and market your film through these social networks you know what is effective. By this I mean identify your goals and what specifically about your content are people enjoying and being drawn to and take advantage of that. Also, another good tip on how to market your film is through YouTube which when geared towards the right audience and exposed in the right way can be very successful.

Getting Help with Your Film Promotion

The managing and actual execution of these techniques for film promotion do require a lot of time and commitment, some film makers may not have the amount of time needed. Despite that proper film promotion through social media is a necessary way to expose your productions and compete in this day and age.

Utilizing a company such as Web7 ARTS to provide help or provide a full marketing plan for your film is a great decision to help bring your production to the next level of exposure. If you choose to outsource your film promotion to Web7 ARTS you will be able to focus on your personal productions and let Web7 ARTS bring your productions exponential exposure.

If you are interested in hiring a film promotion company like Web7 ARTS, we would be happy to provide you with a free phone consultation to discuss your business goals and explain our services in more detail. Web7 ARTS has executed marketing for independent films and large film studios.