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Social Network Marketing Strategy for the Fashion Industry

Social Network Marketing Strategy for the Fashion IndustryFashion Marketing is important towards the wealth of any fashion brand or fashion tech company because of the part it plays in connecting up the organization to wholesale customers and clients alike.

Most significantly, digital fashion marketing allows any fashion brand to effectively share its “brand story” with the world. getting an enticing story or having the ability to successfully communicate that story through innovative fashion marketing strategies, solutions, challenges, and models, helps fashion brand to connect with it's potential market and create connection that may then be converted right into a sale.

4 Tips to build up a Social Network Marketing Strategy for the Fashion Industry

1.    Develop a web-based Brand Identity (WBBI) At Web7 ARTS we’ve developed something proprietary for the fashion clients known as a web-based Brand Identity. It’s important that you create one for your company, as well. An WBBI is a document that lays out the personality of your brand. The idea is to take your core brand and product offering and build out all of the various elements that make up your brand. Why is you special? What sets you apart? You want your brand online to jump off the screen as a living, breathing person with all these various colors and facets to its personality. This will help you transition from a 2-dimensional into a 3-dimensional brand online which will go a long way in building a meaningful community that actually follows your brand online and feels something positive towards it. In your WBBI document, you should write down the tone of your brand’s “online voice,” what genre of music it likes, what genre of movies it watches, whether it’s political or not, what pop culture icons it follows, who it’s heroes are, it’s favorite hobbies, etc. You have to really get imaginative with this and be creative. You are bringing your brand to life after all! This is the biggest challenge business owners have when developing a successful fashion marketing strategy.

2.    Develop a Social Fashion Marketing Editorial Calendar, get a Facebook page, Twitter account and a Pinterest account. Once you’ve planned out your brands personality, the next phase in working on your social fashion marketing strategy is to create a fashion marketing editorial calendar. Set a schedule where you plan to consistently share content. You have to be consistent. as an illustration on Facebook, publish fairly regular updates and check out engaging techniques for example posting polls and asking your fans questions. Facebook is a superb funnel for interaction and questions. After all, if you don’t put time into your “relationship” with people online, they won’t put time back into your brand either. You can also share movies your brand likes, music artists that inspire your brand, favorite quotes, heroes, and of course promote your company and products/services. You want to strike a balance in marketing your brand and discussing other content. Your Social fashion marketing editorial calendar will help with that.

3.    Grow Your Audience Unfortunately; I can’t dive into detail on how to grow your audience, as that alone would take up dozens of articles. I can give you advice on how to approach this task. A great first step is for you to research “influencers” and “innovators” in your industry, reach out to those people, and partner with them. As an illustration you could use influencers from the new trendy social network,  Pinterest,  give them freebies of tyour product to examine or include them on the contest your getting. The idea is to get them to pin ( promote )  your product/service/promotion to their online following which will in turn expose your online profiles to all of their existing followers! Another sgreat strategy would be to speak at occasions, guest author posts on other blogs, or hold and promote online seminars/workshops! You may also go the guerilla marketing route and begin posting/leaving comments on other pages/groups/etc which have ivisitors who could be prospects of the company. Getting involved in conversations on other pages, without coldly marketing your organization, will integrate you in to the larger community and expose you to a lot of potential new customers.

4.    Monitor Your Results! Once you have your WBBI and social fashion marketing editorial calendar in place,the next big thing is to start discussing content and monitoring your results!  Use social media analytics tools to track how people react to your articles. You need to keep an eye on what content get the most “likes”, the most “re-tweets”, the most “shares” and “comments.” Monitoring how well you're progressing will state you regarding your audience and just what submissions are vital that you them. The greater data you evaluate, the greater thoroughly familiar you'll become together with your market. This can tell your fashion online marketing strategy in addition to inform other facets of your company!

What Does Fashion Marketing Success Look Like?

The fashion brands attain the utmost success using the digital space to develop their company realize that social networking and digital fashion marketing mustn't actually cover selling, selling, selling. Instead, it should be about sharing, connecting, and inspiring! To be successful with your fashion marketing strategy, it’s essential that you share content that's valuable towards the readers and isn’t always regarding your company! If, regularly, you share interesting articles, news tales, artists, videos, etc. that the audience values they'll become psychologically mounted on your brand in ways which will result in financial reward in the future.

If you’re interested on how to develop a successful fashion digital marketing strategy, read our article on“4 Steps to Developing a Fashion Social Media Marketing Strategy.” The article dives into 4 steps you can take to go from a 2-dimensional to a 3-dimensional brand online, which will go a long way in building a meaningful community of future buyers.

Hiring a Fashion Marketing Company

If you’re like most fashion designers and fashion tech business owners, the idea of developing and executing successful fashion marketing strategies can seem daunting. Fashion marketing is a full-time job and requires many different moving parts that can “make or break” the growth of your company.

Hiring a company like Web7 ARTS to either work alongside your existing marketing team or to completely take the reigns in managing the entire digital marketing process is almost always the best choice you can make for your company. After all, why go at it alone with the uncertainty of success when you are able to delegate the work to a professional fashion marketing firm who is an expert within this work and will also be more likely to be successful for both you and your company.

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