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Web7 ARTS: The Digital Marketing specialist for the entertainment industry

Web7 ARTS offers a full suite of digital marketing services for the Entertainment and Lifestyle industry including social media marketing, public relations, mobile marketing, website development, graphic design, video development, and search engine optimization.



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Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment Marketing is a process that includes many different facets of marketing. It includes the different aspects of traditional marketing that we see every day. Some of these aspects include sports marketing, branding, public relations, endorsements, digital marketing, Video Marketing and social media marketing.

You see entertainment marketing is not limited to one specific method; it is a form of marketing that includes many different strategies and techniques. People will utilize marketing platforms to create exposure for up and coming stars in the entertainment world, including actors, independent film directors, fashion designers, and music artists, these platforms include fashion marketing, film promotion, and social media marketing. Marketing in general allows all these professions to reach out and connect to their target audience. It is necessary to stay up to date with various marketing techniques if you wish to stay competitive in the entertainment industry and reach the next level of success and exposure. Overall these sorts of techniques will allow you to expose one self and connect with their respective audience.

How does one perform Entertainment Marketing?

There is a variety of strategies when it comes to practicing entertainment marketing. Typical techniques that are used for marketing include endorsements, media coverage, and branded products. These methods are still in use today, but digital media marketing and social media marketingd are now becoming the focus for modern marketing techniques.

The process to carry out this type of marketing usually starts with identifying a set of goals as well as brainstorming ideas on how to meet those goals and market your brand. After setting goals we would start to produce the tools necessary to meet those goals. These tools include setting up a brand identity, reaching out to prospective audiences, creating the social media regarding our brand. After we have everything in place we would launch all our set tools and begin reaching out to our audience and making a name for you. It is important for that you know your goals and connect on a deeper more personal level with your target audience in order to be successful.

Entertainment Marketing Success Stories

Examples of inventive entertainment marketing date back through the last century, but there are some recent examples that attest to the power of marketing, specifically in social media. One example that occurred over a decade ago was the marketing campaign and film promotion of the movie: Blair Witch Project created a website for their movie that included ambiguous details about the movie that made you question whether the movie and mythology behind it was real or not. It was backed by realistic photos and short clips that made viewers think the story of the Blair Witch Project was real. Even back in 1999 the movie’s website and method of film promotion went viral and marketing campaign was a huge success.

Another success story that was the result of great entertainment marketing was Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008. Barack Obama was able to get young adults and younger people to vote through the power of social media. He tapped into the major social mediums including millions of Facebook fans, a strong YouTube presence, and a vast emailing and text message chain. This utilization of digital marketing was crucial to Obama’s campaign success and is a prime example of successful social media marketing.

Hiring a Entertainment Marketing Company

If you’re like most people in the entertainment business, trying to lay out an intricate entertainment marketing plan could seem too big of a task to accomplish alone. The marketing of your brand can consume a lot of time and is essential to your own brand’s success and exposure

It may interest you to hire a marketing company such as Web7 ARTS to help out with your current marketing team or take over and manage the whole entertainment marketing process. We encourage this because we can guarantee positive exposure and results from our team of specialists who will bring success and exposure for your brand.

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If you are interested in hiring an entertainment marketing company, we would be happy to provide you with a free phone consultation to discuss your business goals and explain our services in more detail. Web7 ARTS has executed marketing for independent films and marketing campaigns for various companies. Here is the link to our contact page.